Woodside compromise on Bay Village

An amended proposal put forward by Woodside regarding the Bay Village development has been endorsed by the City of Karratha Council.

The revised proposal follows months of negotiations between the City, Woodside and the State Government over the facility.

A key component of the revised proposal will ensure use of the camp is limited to Woodside employees and contractors.

The endorsed proposal also includes a limited approval period of 10 years with the option of a five-year extension based on need, instead of 30 years as originally put forward, and a reduced bed count of 604 beds instead of 700 beds.

In addition, Woodside will comply with all of the other City recommended conditions of approval, including the establishment of a daily bus service for residents of the facility so they can easily access local retailers and services.

Other initiatives include higher quality urban design, the employment of Village Lifestyle Coordinators who will work with City of Karratha to ensure there is a high level of integration between this facility and the Karratha community, and commitments around local contracting during construction and operations.

There will be no bar facilities within the camp and sporting and recreation facilities have been downsized in an effort to encourage residents to integrate with the community by utilising existing quality facilities within the community.

Woodside advised that if Council accepted the modified conditions of the proposal it would withdraw its appeal from the State Administrative Tribunal and the Minister for Planning.

Council will continue to work with Woodside and the State Government on this matter to ensure an acceptable outcome for all parties.

Comments from City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long:

“This has been a long and challenging process for everyone involved, but it was absolutely necessary for the City to advocate the strongly held views of our community and seek a better outcome than what was originally proposed for this facility,” Cr Long said.

“The City has always supported the exciting growth opportunities that were being proposed by Woodside through the Scarborough and Browse projects, but wanted to make sure that the local community got significant benefits from these projects.  The City believes that the tough negotiations that have been held with Woodside and the State Government on this issue has led to a significantly better outcome for all parties.”

“Woodside has demonstrated that substantial growth opportunities are being progressed and that, if these projects proceed, there will be a need for significantly more accommodation.  This accommodation will include a combination of residential and Camp style accommodation.”

“The design and functionality of the facility has vastly improved from the original proposal.”

“Woodside has been a part of our community for over 30 years and the developments proposed by them indicate that they are likely to be here for at least another 30 years.  The City looks forward to working with Woodside to progress the exciting expansion opportunities that they and the other North West Shelf joint venture partners.”