Crime taskforce to be established by community members

There was a decent turnout out at last Friday night's Karratha City Ratepayer's & Resident's Association (KCRRA) meeting, with 48 members and non members in attendance. Many things were discussed in light of local community issues, but actions needed against crime in the area was the hottest topic. 

Consequently a task force has been started, headed by Brent McKenna, member for Green's, and Dani Hage, Head of the Rate Payers Association, to create a proposal which will shortly be taken to the City of Karratha to discuss the effectiveness and implementation of security patrol's in the area.

Brent McKenna, who has written many similar proposals for other town's and communities over the last 30 years said "We can't wait for the next City of Karratha meeting or for the next budget. We need to take action now!" Every attendee at the meeting was agreeable. 

A local security company is on board, wanting to supply three vehicle's and multiple guard's to start local patrols in the Karratha area. Working as "eye's on the street" to provide a presence around town, the patrol unit has been modelled after other successful security patrol's that have over a decade long success rate. Although legally, security guard's can not intervene, the presence alone is in some cases enough to deter criminal activity. In serious cases, security guards will work with police to ensure crime is abetted quickly, with public safety as a top priority. This patrol service has been estimated to cost approximately $4 a week to rate payer's in the Karratha area. 

One of the main issues found for the City of Karratha to not support this, is people turning to social media to "report" crime. The number of criminal activities on the police database does not reflect what is being spoken of on social media platform's like Facebook. Hence, proper actions are not deemed necessary as the numbers do not reflect Karratha has a large crime issue. 

Residents in Karratha need to ensure that every indecent act, car break-in, public nuisance, home burglary and assault is reported. A phone call to Police can take a while, but is necessary to ensure the database is updated and a true number of crime reflected. "Make sure you receive a case number at the completion of the report! This means it has been recorded properly" said one of the attendees. 

Other hot topic's for the night included, the lack of Mental Health facilities in Karratha, the Karratha Revitalisation Strategy, dog attacks, the PUPP project progress and working with the Indigenous Organisation's to provide assistance, youth services and safe places for roaming teenager's and younger children through the evening's.

For a full report on the minutes of last Friday night's meeting, contact Dani Hage, Karratha City Ratepayer's & Resident's Association.