Town site mining not supported by Council

Council has maintained an opposing stance on an application the Department of Mines and Petroleum has received for mining exploration within the Karratha town site.

A request for recommendation in regard to a licence application received from Stoneform Holdings Pty Ltd was issued by the Department in March 2016.

A response stating the City of Karratha was not supportive of this application was submitted in April and this position was reaffirmed at Monday night’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

City of Karratha Deputy Mayor John Lally said it would not be appropriate for the City to support such an exploration licence as it compromises the potential future development of land in Karratha and is non-compliant with current long-term planning strategies.

“A majority of the land included in the proposal is earmarked for the future development of Karratha and should the mining tenement go ahead any potential expansions would be limited.” Cr Lally said.

“In addition to this the proposal is not compatible with our relevant zoning objectives or our Draft Local Planning Strategy which provides the strategic planning framework for land use within the City of Karratha to 2031,” he said.

The area under the applied for exploration licence includes a majority of the Karratha Industrial Estate as well as large areas of Gap Ridge, the Karratha Hills and residential Baynton.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum is the only government body with the power to approve or refuse mining applications and will make the final decision on this application.