City to work with Native Title Owners

A working group will be established for the City of Karratha to engage with traditional owners to ensure that the native title rights of the Ngarluma people are respected.

The formation of the group follows the Ngarluma people being granted non-exclusive Native Title rights over much of the land outside town sites in the City of Karratha.

The group will seek to agree on land use terms that support the Ngarluma People’s native title rights and interests while allowing the City to deliver its facilities and services.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said while the City had always respected traditional owner rights, the working group signalled a more proactive approach to native title.

“We want to make sure we have an open dialogue with the Ngarluma Traditional Owners and to establish protocols for working through Native Title issues in our City,” he said.

“There’s lots of opportunities for the City and Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation to work together and I hope NAC will accept our invitation to join this working group to unleash this potential.”

The working group is proposed to comprise four Councillors, with Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation being invited to select members to join the group.

Once the group membership is agreed upon, terms of reference will be prepared and considered by Council and the NAC Board for adoption.