A Message from Mark

Happy New Year to you all. I decided to send this newsletter out after Christmas as you are now probably ready for some new reading material following the avalanche one gets prior to Christmas.

Looking back over last year, one might say we have had a period of consolidation as a government, just intentionally boring, getting along with the business of State and getting our 2013 election commitments ticked off. Going forward, this year will be a year of commissioning a lot of the big ticket capital works that we have been undertaking since the 2013 re-election. From mid-year onwards we will be looking to a Federal and then a State election in March 2017, and as a part of this, the necessary thinking about policy development for our next term in government will begin in earnest.

Speaking of policy, I have been developing ideas and potential commitments with respect to the Mining and Pastoral Region and will be putting these forward for our 2017 election commitments program. Some of these are obviously big capital spends like roads and infrastructure but some are just small little things that really matter to local communities. Happy to hear of any ideas you may have in this regard.

As a government we are acutely aware that two key economic issues will impact on us going forward, particularly in the Mining and Pastoral Region. Firstly we are moving to a production phase following a decade long construction phase in the resource sector. Secondly, key international growth markets have come off the boil and this will impact demand for our resources. Both these economic drivers will need to be managed within a tighter fiscal budgetary environment. As always the challenge is to be more efficient whilst not reducing essential services.

Please continue to read on and acquaint yourself with what’s been happening in the region. I am happy to listen to any of your concerns (or ideas) so feel free to contact me at any time.

I wish you all a prosperous, safe and happy New Year.

Best Regards,

Member for Mining and Pastoral Region