Do you have any photographs of Roebourne?


Next year will mark 150 years for the town of Roebourne. Alot of celebrations, both big and small are already being planned.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Roebourne in 2016, The City of Karratha are looking for photographs to be included in a special publication.

Images of community events and news, weather, family life, businesses or scenes that capture the uniqueness of the town and its people are needed.

Historians are completing a lengthy timeline, displaying photos of the town and other interesting moments of Roebourne's 150 years and need our help.

Although they are chasing photos from any year, the team do have quite a few photos already from certain year blocks. The City of Karratha are interested in photographs, in particular from 1960 onwards, where they have gaps in the compiling timeline.

If you have any images that are suitable please email or phone 08 9186 8660. 



Photo Credit: City of Karratha

Photo Credit: City of Karratha