Park licence levels playing field

Businesses such as outdoor boot camps, dog training and yoga, which use City parks and recreational areas, will have their arrangements formalised under a new Council policy.

The policy will only apply to for profit businesses and will not prevent informal get-togethers for sports and activities in City parks.

Rules of operation are included in the policy as well as a small fee of $200 per year that will be required for the businesses to operate.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the policy would formalise arrangements for a number of businesses that already exist in the City.

“It’s great that we lead such an outdoor lifestyle and there is a strong demand for things like personal training in our parks,” he said.

“Activities like stand up paddle boarding are also starting up on our beaches and we want to encourage more of these businesses but also make sure they all have appropriate qualifications and public liability insurance.

“Our parks and gardens belong to everyone so we want to make sure that where people are using them for a profit they are appropriately regulated and contribute to the maintenance of the facilities.”

First aid qualifications, public liability insurance and appropriate qualifications are the main requirements for the license.

The policy has been based on similar requirements in other local government areas around Western Australia.

Business owners who are currently operating this type of business should contact the City for more information on the new policy, which can be viewed at

Applications can be made at the City’s Administration Office, and the form can be found on the website.