Food businesses urged to be allergy aware

Business owners are being reminded to check their products and properly declare allergens to better protect their customers against potentially dangerous allergic reaction.

The City of Karratha has investigated two incidents in the past month where proprietors have failed to provide accurate information which has resulted in a customer suffering an allergic reaction.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the onus was on business owners to have a good understanding of the ingredients they are using to prepare food and beverage products.

“When someone has a severe allergy, eating the smallest amount of food can be life-threatening. Owners of food businesses have a legal responsibility to know and declare what is in their food, and must be able to respond to allergen queries from their customers,” Cr Long said.

“We’re asking businesses who declare that their products are free from certain foods to be clear and accurate in their messaging so consumers can make informed decisions.”

Business owners can help protect their customers by declaring the presence of allergens on food packaging, preventing cross-contamination, and thoroughly cleaning and sanitising work areas.

Consumers should always seek clarification on food products if they are aware of a preexisting allergy.

The City issued information to food businesses on how to prepare and declare allergy causing foods with business registration renewals last week.

For more information please contact the City of Karratha Environmental Health Department on 9186 8555.