Lost: Cat

MISSING........My cat has gone missing from Kite Loop in Nickol. 21/07/18, He is a long haired Blue Russian, he is wearing a silver collar with a yeppoon registration tag and is also micro chipped. We have only just moved here, he means alot to my family so if any one has seen him or sees him please PM me, we really want him home. His name is Xur

Contact Phone Number: 0423697285


Lost: Dog

****Missing Dog **** 
Pegs creek

Our beloved dog has escaped during the storm on Sunday night, someone spotted him running into the hills however since then there has been no sighting. We have looked day/night behind the hills, salt flats and just everywhere in general with no luck. I have reported it to Safe/Vets and the ranger. PLEASE if you see him or have seen him let us know so we atleast know where to look. He is wearing a blue collar with my partners details. However if you spot him please call Ethan on 0417136806 

Contact Phone Number: 0417236806


Lost: Cat

Missing black and white cat with black collar and bell. Comes to the name Billy puss. We are in the process of moving to Carnarvon when He escaped his cat box wile will where staying at AAOK Karratha Caravan Park on Mooligunn street approx at 4pmon Sunday 17th of December.

Contact Phone Number: 0467044443

Lost: Black Puppy

Lost black (with patches of white on belly and under mouth) Maltese cross (SAFE adopted) puppy - dug himself out of a friends place on Warrier Street (Bulgarra) - 2nd July. He is less than a year old and answers to the name SCRUFFY. Please if anyone has seen him / found him contact SAFE on 0439355163. Owners are out of town (and pretty distraught). Scruffy is friendly and affectionate (no stranger danger rules with him). He has a purple collar with a SAFE tag still on it. Is micro-chipped. Please if you have time on Sunday have a look around the Bulgarra area.

Contact Phone Number:0439355163

Lost: Cat

Black male cat missing from Baynton West. He is a smaller cat and went missing from Marniyarra Loop, sadly he doesn't have his collar on as he is usually an indoor cat. Been missing for 3 days now. Have 3 very upset children missing there pet.

Contact Phone Number:  0448932038

Lost: Puppy

We lost our puppy friday night and have been searching with no luck all day! His name is Rex and he is only 10 weeks old. He is a black Staffy and is no bigger than the size of a forearm. He is also wearing a red bandana collar. He is my partners son's dog and we are very worried of his whereabouts. If anybody at all has seen him or taken him in please contact Amy on 0419909493 asap. We just want him home safe and well. Reward will be offered!

Lost: Cat

We left town earlier this week and sadly my husband couldn't find our cat Casper, he usually doesn't stray far from our house. He is white with some grey on his coat as pictured. We lived on Peregrine Link, Nickol West. If you see our cat please contact me. Hopefully we find him and can organize for him to get to our new home. He is microchipped. Thanks everyone!

Contact Phone Number: 0411073375

Lost: Dog

Duke was last seen Saturday night 27.2.16. As we were out of town, he wasn't noticed as missing until we returned at 3pm Sunday. The neighbour did notice a hole under the fence on Sunday morning though. 

Duke is very playful and friendly. 

Someone must have seen him at some stage so any information would be helpful. Our family is missing him so much and the kids are so upset that he is not home with us. 

Duke is a tan, male, kelpie x and has a blue collar with a red tag that has his name and our phone number ‘0408 355 597’. No one has called so we think someone may want to keep him for themselves. 

You may notice a new puppy next door or see a dog wandering around that looks like him.

Please, if you see him call us, it doesn't matter what time it is. 

Contact Phone Number:    0408355597