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Because you asked for it! Masterclass Training Packages and Discounts. Limited Only!

  • Pam Buchanan Family Centre 51 Gardugarli Drive Karratha, WA, Australia (map)

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Register for the Masterclass: Cyber Safety and Awareness for Parents on 26 May as a couple for the price of ONE. Click Here to book your space.

I Gave my Child Permission to Access the Internet: Am I doing the Right Thing?
The internet is having an increasing influence on the social development of children and how they interact with each other. Social media, smart phones and other technologies provide children with wonderful opportunities to learn, be creative and socialise. However just as with face to face interactions, sometimes bullying and harassment can occur online.

Being Online is more often than not a positive and fulfilling experience for children. Content can be posted instantaneously, but the downfall is that children can potentially post messages without thinking about future ramifications. Once it’s online, it’s there forever.

It’s best to also identify the possible issues that may occur when letting your children access the internet. This will help you... Read More

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