Sustainability evaluation by Brent McKenna

SHORT ~160 word Outline of my study for PhD as a sustainability evaluation of the boom bust mining cycle development phenomenon related to government--industry sustainable development policy ... 


'... The Pilbara Region of Western Australia is a nationally and globally significant area for the production of iron ore and natural gas and is characterised as a remote province. The region experienced a substantial economic boom between 2003-2013 driven by high prices and increasing demand for iron ore and the construction of private processing and distribution facilities associated with both the inland iron ore deposits and the extensive off shore gas fields. This study aims to critically examine the boom bust mining cycle as a development phenomenon in the Pilbara and the application of sustainable development policy in the region. A key issue is whether the broad policy objectives of sustainable development have translated into effective on-ground initiatives for townships in the Pilbara Region. Critical examination of sustainable development policy will be through review of various policy documents and related literature applicable to the Pilbara’s development. Empirical data will be obtained through: focus groups, surveys targeted at key decision makers in government and industry and a random household survey of Pilbara residents to measure opinion about regional sustainable development policy and action …’

Hoping I might gain some support from four Pilbara Councils, the Pilbara Development Commission (state) and Regional Development Australia (commonwealth) Pilbara Initiative Office - for the fieldwork starting next year (hopefully around March through to September 2016)