Need to relocate home to Kta

Miss my kids and have been in Perth for nearly 2yrs without them due to medical issues.

Want to know if anyone wants a backload to Kta or can give me a good price for a 3bed hm to be moved. All packed just pick up and deliver.

Some time mid Dec to early Jan if we find suitable accomodation.

Quote only plse and if there is a discount for dissabillity pensioner that would be greatly appreciated.

Help my Daughter and me to get home to my younger kids.

Searching for a photograph old stock from The Other Place

Hi I am trying to get hold of a photograph of Karratha during a storm/cyclone taken a few years ago. I don't know the photographers name and the shop in Karratha has since closed that had the photo. I know the guys wife became very ill and he stopped with his photography at this time. I am holidaying in Karratha at the minute. Thank you 😊